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I am a Creatrix® Transformologist® based in France, I help set free ambitious and busy women by releasing their deep internal blocks & limitations so that they can create a fulfilling life and get where they want to be.

I have worked in international HR for highly successful companies for over 15 years in France and abroad, which gave me the opportunity to work with lots of amazing women. I watched them grow but I also watched them struggle trying to break that glass ceiling, juggling a demanding career whilst being a busy mum or trying to cope with life's daily pressures. Stress, anxiety, feeling down, overwhelmed and unfulfilled are often part of many women’s day to day feelings. This was also my case being a single mum of 3 wonderful children and working in a very challenging job.


I had sought help through numerous personal development tools and techniques and although these made me feel better for a while my issues never disappeared for long and did come back again. Then one day I stumbled upon a video about Creatrix®. I watched with building excitement as founder Maz Shirmer described how she had created a method specifically designed for women to break their negative emotional cycles and get rid of their issues once and for all.
It did seem too good to be true at first, but I decided to take a leap of faith and booked a free consultation call. I can tell you that making that call was the BEST decision I have ever made!!
As I went through the Creatrix journey, I was blown away as I watched my negative emotions and limiting beliefs being dissolve one by one. I also noticed that they did not return!

This has made a dramatic difference in my life. I am now a cool and calmer mum, the negative head chatter has gone, I know that I can do anything I set my mind to, and I feel lighter and so much more in control.

Could this be you too?


If you recognise yourself in my story and would like to know more about what Creatrix® can do for you, please contact me for a free consultation and let's get started!

Justine Dejoue

Justine Déjoué

Creatrix® Transformologist®